James Gurney's Imaginative Realism Review 10/10 Would Recommend.

Hello fellow arters!

If you've ever spent time in a book store looking for worthwhile art education books to pick up, you know it can be nearly impossible. Maybe it's because the person picking the selection has no idea what is good, or they just don't care.

So chances are - you might need some recommendations on what you need in your collection. Well, James Gurney's book Imaginative Realism is definitely a worthwhile read. From design and storytelling to composition and architecture, this book has everything you need to start thinking critically about your approach to art making.

In this review of James Gurney's Imaginative Realism, you'll get to watch as I work on my watercolor portrait - so whether you are looking to hear a bit more about my thoughts on this book, or just want to watch a relaxing video of me painting, please give it a watch. Please visit my YouTube Channel to like and subscribe!

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#DrawThisinYourStyle Challenge

Hello fellow arters!

This week I took on the #DrawThisinYourStyle Challenge where I took a super cute drawing from CyanAli, (as seen below on the right), and recreated it in my style. My submission is on the left! I had a lot of fun actually and I plan on doing more in the future!

Of course I recorded the process and put it together for you in this week’s video! Just click the button to view it. Please visit my YouTube Channel to like and subscribe! <3

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Looking to Pick Up the Draw Daily Habit?

Hello fellow arters,

Most of us can’t find ways to keep ourselves motivated for, well, anything; Let alone keeping up a daily habit like drawing. For some this might sound crazy, and for those of you who haven’t even heard of the idea… welcome to Draw Daily!

In this video you’ll hear me go through the Beginner Draw Daily Challenge, where I go through some tips and tricks on how to make each drawing session a successful one. You can download the packet and read along while watching my newest video (and you can enjoy the coloring process of this lovely blue haired girl.)

One of the hardest parts of drawing daily is trying to come up with ideas on what to draw every day. That’s a lot of creativity! In the packet I provide a prompt list, but as an added bonus to finding this blog post, find below, an additional list of prompts for you to use.

Below the prompt list is said video, please watch it and enjoy. If you like the content, please go to my YouTube Channel and hit the subscribe button. For those of you who may have subscribed in the past, I created a new account for my newer videos, so if you have the time - please give my new account a sub as this is where I will be posting my art Videos from now on.

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Bonus Prompt List:


How I Does It: Illustration Design Part 1 and 2

Hello fellow arters!

When you are viewing art, you are usually seeing the final result and everything that happens before your viewing is sort of a mystery. YouTube has done a great job of allowing people an inside look at the illustration process, and this one is mine.

In these videos I discuss my own thought process in creating an Illustration.

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How Much $$$ to Invest in Art Supplies as a Beginner - New Video

Hello fellow arters,

Welcome back to the MK Draw Daily Newsletter, which I have decided to change the name to “Blog.” I hope you don’t mind.

This week’s video is not a full on video essay nor about the art process - I honestly have no idea what people would like to see from me. So in this video I just sort of talk at you about some of my random thoughts about people just starting out with most any medium, whatever that may be.

A friend had pointed out that you don’t need to invest much money if you want to start off with paper and pencil, which is true, even though there are plenty of more expensive options out there.

My focus is more on mediums that have obviously terrible inexpensive options that sit next to a graphite pencil on the same shelf - but are not worth spending your money on. This would include watercolors or markers and if you are able to use these materials successfully good for you! However, they work nothing like the artist grade equivalent.

If you really want to experience all that is possible with a medium like watercolors, you don’t want Crayola paints to be your starting off point. You will struggle with these paints and they will not work the way you might expect after watching a video on YouTube, or on SkillShare.

My solution is two fold, one, at minimum you should be looking to invest at least a total of $50 USD on the combined purchase. If you approve of the medium and would like to invest in that medium further invest as much as you are comfortable with - and this goes for any aspect. If it’s paper, paint brushes, markers - spend what you are willing to pay.

Higher quality does not make you a better artist, but it sure will make your life easier depending on what you are trying to achieve with your work. Get supplies meant for your medium and pay what you are willing.

Cheap art supplies are just that - cheap. Poorly made and cheap.