Welcome to Draw Daily


Draw Daily is a passion project, looking to bring quality content to artists around the world, to learn, create, and be inspired daily.

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The goal is to create a simple and fully immersive program that will get beginner artists drawing and creating. The first step for you is to get Drawing Daily!



A part of this project is the Draw Daily YouTube Channel. I am experimenting with the video content at the moment, and would love any feedback you have.



If you would like to support Draw Daily and the learning materials being produced, check out what is available via Patreon.

About MK

Hello! My name is Michaela Katrina, or MK! I am a completely self taught artist but I've been drawing all my life. Over the past few years I've come to find that what I really love to do is teach and work with beginner artists.

Yes! I'm from Pencil Kings! Some of you may know me from PencilKigns.com - I am the Community Manager, and I built the Pencil Kings Private Community.

Don’t know Pencil Kings!? That’s okay, you can check it out today!